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Focus and Scope

MediaTropes is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary eJournal devoted to the study of media and mediation. Responding to the challenges of our changing and increasingly interconnected world, this eJournal addresses questions, problems, and issues at the intersection of culture and technology, broadly construed.

Taking inspiration from the legacy of Marshall McLuhan, MediaTropes provides a forum for interdisciplinary approaches to media as communication. McLuhan’s adage, “the medium is the message,” suggests that media communicate messages. Studies of media therefore concentrate on the medium itself as a kind of language with its own conventions for generating meaning, a language that draws on fields of reference that extend outward into many different dimensions of culture.

The trope captures this cultural life of media and meaning. Tropes are rhetorical figures, turns of phrase, or manners of speaking. All media are tropic; they are communicative practices that indicate movement and transformation. The metaphor, for instance, is literally a “carrying across,” and this figure encourages us to examine not just what metaphors and media say, literally, but above all, what they do.

MediaTropes invites the submission of scholarly articles, new critical approaches, multimedia works, and book reviews, in English or French, addressing the wide range of work that the study of media has inspired. We are especially interested in original work in the following areas:

• Art, technology, and media aesthetics
• Biotechnology and bioinformatics
• Communication studies, communications arts
• Connectivity
• Convergence of libraries, archives, museums, and universities
• Cosmopolitanism and globalism
• Critical Theory
• Cultural Studies
• Cyberspace and cybercultures
• Digitality and the virtual
• Feminist, postcolonial, and cosmopolitan approaches
• Ethical approaches to information and media
• Literacies and post-literate cultures
• Media ecology
• Network theory
• New media technologies
• Orality and literacy studies
• Posthumanism
• Rhetorics, semiotics, and linguistic theories
• Technoculture
• Television, Internet, and technopopular cultures
• The social, political, and historical valences of media
• Visual and material cultures


Section Policies


  • Michael Edmunds
  • Twyla Gibson
  • Stuart Murray
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Book Reviews

Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by at least two readers.

MediaTropes does not have any article processing charges (APCs) or any submission charges.


Open Access Policy

As a complete work, MediaTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc-nd Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivativeWorks. When an author submits a work for publication, s/he is asked to agree to licensing that work under a similar license, that grants any user the non-exclusive right to download, print, copy, archive, distribute for non-commercial purposes only, so long as appropriate attribution is given to the author of the work. For more information, please read the details of the Creative Commons by-nc-nd license. While agreement to a Creative Commons (or similar) license is not mandatory for a work to be accepted, it is strongly encouraged by the editorial board.


Warranty and Indemnification

Authors represent (a) that the work submitted is an original work; (b) that the author(s) have the sole (and/or joint) right to submit the work for publication; (c) that the work does not infringe on copyright, trademark or patent; and (d) that the work does not invade the privacy, or any statutory or common law rights, of any person, or contains libellous material. The editors and reviewers are relying on these representations and are under no obligation to verify their validity. As such, the author(s) indemnify and hold the editors and reviewers harmless against any loss, liability, damage, cost or expense of action arising from any breach, or alleged breach, of these representations, or any legal action arising from acceptance and publication of the author(s) work. In the case that a legal action is brought by a plaintiff against an author(s), and/or the editors and/or reviewers, and/or any institution associated with MediaTropes, respecting a work submitted by the author(s) and published by MediaTropes, and the finding of a court of competent jurisdiction in such matter is in favour of the plaintiff, the sole remedy available from MediaTropes, its editors and reviewers will be the removal of the work in question from the MediaTropes website. All other damages awarded by the court (if any) will be the sole responsibility of the author(s).


Editorial Board

·  Giselle Beiguelman, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil

·  Richard Cavell, University of British Columbia

·  Michael Joyce, Vassar College

·  Janet Murray, Georgia Institute of Technology

·  Gregory Ulmer, University of Florida

Advisory Board

·  Megan Boler, OISE/University of Toronto

·  Mary Bryson, University of British Columbia

·  Bradley Bryan, University of Victoria

·  Sarah K. Burgess, University of San Francisco

·  Juliette Fritsch, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts

·  Gary Genosko, Lakehead University

·  Michael Groden, University of Western Ontario

·  Diane Gromala, Simon Fraser University

·  Paul Heyer, Wilfrid Laurier University

·  Natasha Hurley, Rutgers University

·  David R. Koukal, University of Detroit Mercy

·  Janine Marchessault, York University

·  Ann Kaloski Naylor, University of York, UK

·  Talan Memmott, California State University, Monterey Bay

·  Gail Scott, Author, Concordia University

·  Roger Stahl, University of Georgia

·  Deborah Lynn Steinberg, University of Warwick

·  Monique Tschofen, Ryerson University                       


Awards and Honours

National Endowment for Democracy
2011 -- MediaTropes was one of three journals honoured "for their mission of fostering positive, democratic change around the world."