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Capital, Gender, and Politics: Towards a Marxist Feminist Theory of Bioconvergence

Kelly E Happe


This essay theorizes bioconvergent political subjectivity as that which is made possible by the production and circulation of new forms of “bio” capital. Turning to the Marxist concept of variable capital, the essay describes subjectivity as that which is inextricably bound with one’s position relative to the circulation of labor power, capital, and commodities, a positionality residing at the interstices of race, gender, and class. Turning to biomedical labor as an exemplary case, the essay considers how the refusal to either fully accept or reject new systems of value made possible by late capitalism and a logic of speculation demonstrates how and where resistance and critique are possible.​


capital; neoliberalism; genomics; bioconvergence; biocapital; feminism; governmentality; political economy; cancer; breast cancer; biomedical labor; bioethics; fertility

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