Exposition Universelle, 1878 Cité de la Republique Champs de Mars, Paris. Modell des Kopfes der Freiheitsstatue von New York.

BIGLY Mistweated: On Civic Grievance

Avital Ronell


In the wake of decelerating Authority, the current US administration exposes predatory greed and masculinist pathologies that write-up our political bodies. Taking off from the works of Jacques Derrida, Paul Celan and Melanie Klein, the essay probes key moments of destructive behaviours that characterize the new Administration and pursues aspects and implications of the nihilistic disclosure that we must stare down. A rhetorical analysis of Trumpian obscenity as well as an investigation into the returning phantasms associated with Germany structure the argument. The end of the essay reopens the case of Hamlet, where justice and immaturity fight to the finish.


Nietzsche; power; archaic regression; Celan; jouissance; Freud; Hamlet; Derrida; Lyotard; grievance; immaturity; January 20; justice; masculinist pathologies; misogyny; powerlessness; protest; puberty; pussy; twitterature; Women's March; Donald Trump

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